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British flag

Slash NSA budget &
Extradite USA NSA spy chief Alexander.

German flag

Slasg/Zerschneien NSA budget &
Auszuliefern USA NSA Geheimdienstchef Alexander.

French flag

Slash/Réduire budget de la NSA &
Extrader Etats Unis NSA espion en chef Alexander.

Spanish flag

Recortar el presupuesto de la NSA &
Extradición NSA espía jefe de Alexander.

Italian flag later

Slash/Ridurre drasticamente budget NSA &
Estradare NSA spia capo Alexander.

No Dutch flag

Slash NSA budget &
Uitleveren NSA spion chief Alexander.

Polish flag later

Slash budzetu NSA &
Ekstradycja NSA spy szef Alexander.

Japanese flag later Other Languages Via or other translator sites
This Is
Please send to friends who may known friends in state prosecutors & politicians offices. (If you copy & / or do similar, I suggest link back here for updates; inform me & I'll probably link to you.)


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