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Aachen - First West German city liberation in WW2 1944-09-10 - 1944-10-09

Aachen names: (French: Aix-la-Chapelle; German (optional prefix) Bad (aka Spa) Aachen, Old German (maybe 2+ centuries back?) Achen ; Dutch: Aken (maybe ex Aaken?); Latin: Aquae Granni or Aquisgranum

History: A resident's account from the first West German city to be liberated, October 1944

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Page author: Julian H. Stacey, Translator: Gary Jennejohn

Location of events:

Aachen, North Rhine Westphalia, West Germany
Just a few km from the 3 country land border tri-point of Holland / Netherlands, Belgium, Germany,
Lots of the anti tank concrete triangles are still in the farm fields of the Belgium Germany border (I guess from 1st World War, not the 2nd ?
PS: en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Barrage_balloon # Target _ identification
bomb shelters for one person under erzberger allee bridge, gone by 2020 07

2 bomb shelters for one person under Erzberger- Allee bridge, gone by 2020 07 - Near where the 1944 diary was written, 2 more still existent at 2021-07-18, (similar graffiti) in Burgerpark Moltkebahnhof on East West foot path, West of 'Y' fork of 2 foot paths to 1, South of {Junction of Turpin Str & Von-Goerschen Str}.


A history / An account of pre & post invasion period 1944-09-10 to 1944-10-09, in Aachen, North Rhine Westphalia, West Germany. From a civilian, G. MUELLENMEISTER, given to me by an old lady, a life long resident of Aachen, a young adult during WW2; She was given it by someone else who lived further up the same street. In German language.

Aachen was first German city to be captured from West by the Allies during the 2nd world war.

How old is this paper

Mine looked like a modern photocopy of something older. I believe copies were duplicated probably more than once between neighbours over the years, (inc presumably via Karl Bund, Georgstr 29, 52078 Aachen, as per rubber stamp the PLZ 52078 indicates it was stamped sometime after 1st July 1993, when 5 digit PLZ came in Some. time after that it must have been handed to (or via other locals) to the resident of Aachen I knew who was also resident in Aachen in 1944 too. That resident gave it to me about 2012 or a bit earlier.

I probably don't have the original paper, & I'm too busy to look. The Aachen archivist who asked for it, is welcome to look at last page, list of other who the original was distributed to, mine seemed copy of a copy.

Seemed an interesting snippet of history, that might have been lost if I didn't scan it & put it on web.

I saw no copyright & it would be way out of copyright by now.

German Original Text

German Original Re Mastered for legibility + English First Translation of machine lower quality + High Quality Translation by Gary To English




  • Page 25 of the scan refers to 9.10.44 (or maybe 19 if '1' got dropped?).
  • October 20, 1944
  • The city and its fortified surroundings were laid siege to from 12 September-21 October 1944 by the US 1st Infantry Division[38] with the 3rd Armored Division assisting from the south.[39] Around 13 October the US 2nd Armored Division played their part, coming from the north and getting as close as Würselen,[40] while the 30th Infantry Division played a crucial role in completing the encirclement of Aachen on 16 October 1944.[41] With reinforcements from the US 28th Infantry Division[42] the Battle of Aachen then continued involving direct assaults through the heavily defended city, which finally forced the German garrison to surrender on 21 October 1944.

Calendar for 1944

( From Unix command: cal 1944 | tail -17 )

OCR from 20221029_141513.jpg by mk@ Re church (North = city centre end of Erzbergerallee) organ damaged by war

Bombardement 1944
Die Firmengebaeude von Stahlhuth am Burtscheider Eisenbahnviadukt
wurden beim Fliegerangriff auf Aachen am 11. April 1944 getroffen und
zerstoert. Hierbei kamen neben vielen Mitarbeitern auch Eduard Peltzer
und seine Frau ums Leben, die alle in dieser Nacht Brandwache hielten.
Auch das Archiv der Firma ging dabei restlos verloren.

Erzberger- Allee street sign has a note appended:
Traffic sign text:
Matthias Erzberger (1875-1921). Zentrumspolitiker
"Unterzeichner des Waffenstillstandsvertrages von 1918 zur Beendigung
des Ersten Weltkrieges, Er wurde von Rechtsterroristen ermordet''

2024-02-05: A WW2 un-exploded British 1/4 ton bomb was discovered at Bend Platz, Aachen: South East of the Lindt chocolate factory sales outlet.

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