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Arm Ukraine & Kill / Remove Putin

Putin kills innocents in Ukraine, caused global grain & fuel shortages & economic down turns which hit the poorest. Putin has killed 50,000 plus Russian soldiers & 31,000 to 70,000 Ukraininan troops + "tens of thousands" of Ukrainian civilians ... UK MOD estimate 350,000 Russian troops killed or injured. Putin will invade & kill ever more like Hitler.
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Translations: Russian & Ukrainian

Kill / remove Putin before his Russian War on Ukraine kills ever more, before he invades more, triggering WW3. Putin is another Hitler, WW2 followed appeasement of Hitler's invasions. Failure to kill / remove Putin will bring more death, & could tempt others to emulate, eg China to invade Taiwan etc. Exterminate Putin before he triggers World War 3.

It would save many lives to kill / remove Putin before he kills more more.

Russians: Who is lieing about Ukraine?


  •   Idea for defending Ukrainian Cities:
    Zip Lines to crash Molotov Cocktails into Russian Tanks

    • Russian tanks seem to be first bombarding Ukranian cities mainly from a distance, but later they will want to enter cities, then they become vulnerable, so before they arrive ...
    • Attach light weight lines (fishing line or thin steel or nylon cord slanting obliquely down, one end a lot lower, from buildings or light poles to lower buildings or trees traffic lights etc other side of roads.
    • Fishing line is near invisible when pulled taught, & it's cheap & plentiful.
    • Invading Russian army wont know which lines are manned & which of many are dummies, so they'll have to stop to cut all lines, becoming targets for Ukranian anti tank etc rocket launchers etc. They will find it very difficult to impossible to see & cut/ shoot or flame thrower burn all the zip wires, if the zip wires are high enough.
    • Tie one to several Molotov Cocktails to one to maybe 3 vertical lines of different lengths, tie the common end to one more single wire, with other end a rounded slippery hook (eg for hanging a coat on a door, not a fish hook that might snag the wire), or perhaps a centre grooved wheel (eg as used in a pulley wheel, axle mounted one side only perhaps to allow last minute mounting on the zip wire. eg perhaps a wheel from boy's toys metal constructor sets such as Meccano, though some of those with insufficient side wall might derail early)
    • When Russian tank appears, put the hook or wheel over the steeply slanting line between building & leave it to slide down to hit invading tank, & run away before Russians respond.
      or better, have a 2nd slack line you can pull from behind optical cover, that pulls a pin out of a loop to allow the load to slip loose & run down the zip wire
    • The invading Russian army wont know which of many lines are manned & which of many are dummies, so they'll have to stop to cut all lines, becoming targets for rocket launchers etc. Fish line is near invisible when taught, cheap & plentiful.
    • Some Molotov Cocktails can be ignited by pulling on an activator cord. Or having bottles with fuses that ignited on impact & glass breakage. An igniter cord could be linked to the release cord that pulls the pin on the wheel/ hook, allowing the slide down the zip line.

Articles On Killing/ Removing Putin


  • Beyond Putin

    • Consider donating to eg Red Cross Ukranian relief fund: www . icrc . org / en, www . redcross . org . uk
    • How to buy an anti tank rocket launcher for Ukraine ? Something to Search or ask your government representative ?
    • Ukraine not being in NATO does not prevent NATO helping Ukraine as much as Ukraine requests, Not being in NATO just means its optional if NATO chooses to help
    • NATO could engage in Ukraine, NATO has engaged out of area before, eg in Libya: Dictator Gaddafi was then killed by one of his own country men
  • Kill / Remove Putin

    • "Kill / remove Putin before Putin kills yet more" : Something you could lobby your government representatives eg UK MPs & European MEPS etc.
      it needs more than just charity for refugees & sanctions against Putin allies: .
    • Iraq's Dictator Saddam Hussein was executed by his own country men
    • It's believed Russian paid assassin's are after Ukraine's President: why not similarly target Putin ? It's not a moral decision those in safely are entitled to dismiss, better to consider what killed, starving, frozen Ukrainian civilians & government want.
    • Putin attempts regime change by killing in Ukraine, so why is the West squeamish of wanting regime change in Russia ?
    • Putin is another Hitler: invading & targeting civilians. eg Putin now attacks the same Odessa that Hitler occupied & Russia once helped save 78 years ago.
    • If/ When Putin is killed / removed, Ukraine's civilians & Russia's & Ukraine's troops will stop dieing as the Russian army withdraws from their murderous invasion war against Ukraine.
    • Killing / removing Putin will stop Putin provoking a 3rd world war,
    • Killing / removing Putin will stop Putin destabilising world fuel costs, which hits not just rich Europe but poor people world wide with rising fuel, fertiliser & grain costs etc.
    • Killing / removing Putin should stop his regime commissioning poisoning of Russians & British innocents in eg England
    • Killing / removing Putin could stop Russian government supresing Russian independent media; Brainwashed Russians fed solely by Russian state controlled monopoly media, could then gradually learn some atrocities Putin has committed in Ukraine & to some Russian journalists etc.
    • Killing / removing Putin would save many lives rather than waiting many years, to wait to capture & imprison Putin for war crimes.
    • The world has previously targeted numerous dictators & terrorists for removal, Killing / removing Putin would not be so unique.
    • Killing / removing Putin would save lives of many more he will otherwise continue to kill.
      Germany was once similarly brain washed by Hitler. The final death toll was in the millions. It will be the same with Putin, unless Putin is killed / removed.
    • This is not anti Russian, but anti Putin. It should save many more lives, to cut the head off the snake, ie Putin, than to fight the body of the snake, ie the Russian army, & criminals recruited to be mercenaries.

Donations & Scams

There are scam emails asking for donations for Ukraine: They ask for cryptocurrency donations in eg Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and NFT. They are anonymous criminals, your money would not support Ukraine. Better to donate via pre known charities such as eg Red Cross ( www . icrc . org / en & en . wikipedia . org / wiki / International_ Red_ Cross_ and_ Red_ Crescent_ Movement ) or Oxfam ( www . oxfam . org / en & en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Oxfam ) etc, or organisations directly linked from eg Ukraine or British or German government web sites etc.

More Refs

Crowd Funding Lethal Weapons For Ukraine

Top Level Domain (=TLD) Warning

Some Anti NATO Allegations Refuted

There are a few communist anti NATO dinosaurs in the West, (maybe some should investigate whether or not Moscow has lately offered their leaders covert sponsoring ? - Moscow covert sponsorship of some Brexit campaigners is still suspected after investigation, parts of report suppressed. Moscow involvement in last USA presidential is alleged. Some European governments eg Holland stated they will Not now go for previously intended electronic voting, after too much covert subterfuge from Moscow)....
But for remaining Anti NATO proponents who haven't thought things through yet, this FAQ section is to answer their responses:
  • Re.: Arm Ukraine, kill Putin mass murderer causing global grain & fuel shortage.

    Twisted Allegation: Did you request "kill the American President" when he killed innocent people in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan ?
    No, Wrong:: That Vietnam was a nightmare & innocents got killed, is no excuse to falsify that Putin invaded & tried to aniolate Ukraine, & continues to kill many innocent civilians.
    • In Iraq it was Iraqi president Hussein who killed Iraqis inc. marsh Arabs. before he went on to invade & kill Bahrainis.
      In Syria backed by Russian, ditto, Asad's helicopter bombing own citizens.
      As for the other countries America Germany Britain Spain Portugal Russia etc, back to the slave trade & beyond etc, they have All committed atrocities, read your histories, probably few or no country or culture or religion on earth is innocent.
      That's no excuse not to condemn & prevent further current atrocities.
      Ukrainian are invaded, calling for help, & should be helped.
    • Imagine a criminal gang in your town rocketed your neighbour's flat, broke into your flat, raped your wife, & starved you out: You'd call police, army & any foreigners who could help. Ukrainians are calling for help, & we must help.
  • Twisted Allegation: When the Ukrainian government killed their own people in the east of their own country (Donbas) since 2014?
    No, Wrong::
    • How many did Russians kill while invading Donbas ?
      Maybe there might have been some case for an independence referendum in Dombas, independence from Ukraine & Russia, & a few years peace while they considered options ? I wouldn't know, but no case for invasion & immediate subjugation by Russian dictator Putin.
    • If there'd been a fair independence referendum & civil campaign it might have persuaded the world & Ukrainian government about Dombas, but Liar Putin would undermine anything democratic, he infiltrated with disguised troops, occupied, lied then & ever since.
    • There was less of a case for Crimean invasion Crimea was wanted for same reason now as through history: strategic. A puzzle that Russia voluntarily relinquished Crimea to Ukraine. Russia snatching it back was war.
  • Twisted Allegation What you advocate is just German war campaign messages
    No, Wrong:: No, Certainly not!
    • I'm not German & don't swallow Any government's messages & read widely from different countries in various languages, I'm critical of all governments.
    • Most of Europe & beyond is outraged by Putin's murders. eg way back to The Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya killed in a Moscow lift, & The British civilians killed by Putin's poisoners after Alexander Litvinenko , etc.
    • There is no NATO campaign against Russia, but a Putin created war against Ukraine.
    • Shed the old fashioned rose tinted glasses view of communist versus capitalist thinking, that most of the dinosaur anti- NATO campaigners carried: Possibly capitalism might be argued to be more likely rapacious in theory than communism, & in an ideal world communism might be argued to better, but that's idealistic theory, not reality, & Putin's murderous invasion is pure imperialistic fact. That America was / is imperialists, as was Britain, Germany, France etc in the past, does not change what Putin is: an imperialist invader murderer.
    • If Putin's Ukraine invasion is rebuffed, he'll fear he's finished as leader, so he may escalate to nuclear etc. The West, Ukraine & Russia do Not deserve that madness to satisfy Putin's ego. The Russians first deserve a free press so they can know what Putin is doing in their name.. Russia has virtually never had freedom, first the Tsars, then Stalin, invasion by Hitler, now Putin; only under Gorbachev & Yeltsin did they stand a chance, but then the Russian Mafia & the KGB took control. It would be far more efficient to kill Putin & maybe a few leading war monger generals, to save save thousands, maybe millions of Ukrainian, Russian & European lives.
  • Twisted Allegations: The war is between NATO/US and Russia, until the last Ukrainian or even European.
    No, Wrong::
    • The War is From Russia forced on Ukraine by Putin. Putin is a cancer that has corrupted Russia, no free press, rigged elections, subterfuge of swapping hats between prime minister & president to pretend democracy, & now invading Ukraine as an Imperialist
    • putin practised on sundry smaller ex USSR Asian bits before. If he succeeds now, he will be encouraged to try for yet more later , eg Nato allies Lithuania, Poland, ex East Germany etc Putin's Russia rebuilding itself to the USSR of before has the same insoluble problem as did the Roman Empire & The British Empire & the French under Napoleon & Germans twice in 19** : where to [re-]draw boundaries ?
    • Every time dictators rips up boundaries, innocents get killed. It makes no difference if the dictator is thought a communist or capitalist: imperialists are killers. Dictators identify external enemies to solidify internal control of their own country.
    • Putin is killing Ukrainians & Russians. It'd be more efficient to kill Putin, better than killing lots of the Russian army who have little more say or clue than Ukrainians why they are being killed. Russian & Ukrainian parents will both grieve their soldiers. But Ukrainians will grieve their civilians & country too, Russians, not invaded, will not ... yet grieve civilians. It's a wonder of self restraint if Ukrainians have not yet rocketed or sabotaged Russian train lines & fuel depots inside Russia that deliver to the Russian Army invading Ukraine.
    • It could be efficient & humane to kill Putin to stop Putin's murderous war on Ukraine.

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