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Only static text pages, eg front page, Not the dynamic script served stuff eg web forum discussion on eg electric vehicles. & TV proxies.
Below are remains of this page re. the old deceased toytowngermany . com pre 2024-03-21. Below may be merged to above later. But I'm no time yet. Just fixing all Berklix's toytown links via here consumed time enough.
Targeted Advertising
  • Toytown Forums are censored
  • Toytown carry individually targeted advertising
  • Toytown carries masses of advertising excrement heavy graphics images & links which load & come up long before the loght weight wanted data - presumably deliberate. (There's less adverts after one logs in, but perhaps more opportunity for them to track you then?).

Example: 3 people censored on 1 page in 1 week !

  • 1 week in April 2014: from (Not click-able as it is replaced weekly with new postings). In one week, apart from my posts edited & deleted by censor, also posts from 2 other people were censored by deletion.
  • First my web ref to a technical page was censored, SSL alert, which was the reason I couldn't organise pre curry drinks, that I also knew some people at curry would want to become aware of ASAP).
    Not knowing why my posting had disappeared (if I'd failed to post it properly, or some server loss, or possibly removed), & as the subject of SSL security vulnerability came up with numerous people at the Wednesday curry, & as others too might have appreciated the SSL alert, Thursday 10th I reposted the web ref:
  • 2014-04-10T2205 I posted:
    M.A.M wrote:
    > As for decent onion bhajis, they're the best ...
    Definately.  Thanks for organising.
    > Julian is often keen on a pre curry beer?
    I answered (but it's disappeared) approx:
    Sorry no time, busy on SSL.
    If there's a Guinness next week I'm in.
  • A copy below of 2014-04-10T2210_frame.jpg after posting:
    image at date
  • Which was censored: as shown in 2014-04-11T1339_frame.jpg
    image at date

    (Notice above the Directed Individual Advertising to those 2 Conrad batteries.)

  • 2014-04-11T1900 I posted:
    Attendance was reduced by Sarabyrd's 3 negative posts.
    She also silently deleted a post (referred to in this:
      ) which she also tampered to this:
      This text:
      may later become tampered too.
      Originals at
    While Sara reduced numbers, I emailed friends suggesting they come.
    Friday, she admitted.  
  • A copy after posting, of 2014-04-11T1900_frame.jpg
    image at date
  • PS Re. above: Correction: 2 before event, 3rd was after event.
  • Toytown Censors also deleted postings from 2 other people:
    • Fri, 11 Apr 2014 17:07:55 +0000 : bluedave
    • Fri, 11 Apr 2014 17:09:18 +0000 : Metall
  • 2014-04-12T1202, Saturday I posted:
    • Sarabyrd censored yet another post before Sat Apr 12 11:57:46 CEST 2014
  • 2014-04-12T1202_frame.jpg
    image at date
  • That above was also then censored.
  • 1st Censor Sara did not communicate till Friday 11th, & then privately, no admission to forum of heavy censorship. 2nd censor El Jeffo privately made exaggerated allegations + threat.
  • Some Toytown Censor[s] need peer review.
    A site burdened by heavy censors may lose readership to others.
    There's plenty of other English Groups In Munich.

  • A year after the above, (after Richard left, (who ran it well a long time with attendance outbidding max 25), & after 2 others (Robert & ?) succeeded him & also ran it well with good numbers), Sara B took over (partly from background via 3rd party convenor) & attendance collapsed to often 6 or less, (not just coincidence, opine several). After waiting in vain for TT numbers to revive, (so we can't honestly be accused of predating on TT), in spring 2015 there's a new Chilli group with a wider remit (Not just Indian & not Wednesday), & no forum & no censors, & all welcome to organise, & all organisers can announce whatever they choose.

PS Another May 2015 example of tracking sites spieing, is from to

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