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3.5 million British abroad over 15 years want our votes back!

The Petition Letter to the Queen

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Why Votes Abroad Became More Important: Brexit

  • 3.5 million votes stolen from British citizens globals, inc. 700,000 from Brits in EU

  • Maybe some British abroad previously tolerated that Britain had stolen their General Election votes for years, as a new election comes every few years, & one would come up a few years after any return to the UK.
  • But when Britain conducted an ill informed low margin Brexit referendum after stealing our votes, & then pursued a hard chaotic Brexit, that would impact & degrade not just a general election term, but the rest of our lives, British abroad became increasingly angry.
  • British Parliament stole 3,500,000 votes from British citizens globally, inc 700,000 in EU, before the Brexit referendum, from All those abroad over 15 years ie the British in the EU who knew most about the EU ! Stupidly dis-enfranchising the most knowledgeable electorate.
  • All European countries except Britain & Eire let citizens vote abroad, + USA & Turkey & many other countries too. : Britain is _less_ democratic than most civilised countries.
  • PS when Britain forces Brexit through & itself out of the EU, British Abroad will then loose their last representation: MEPs (Members Of the European Parliament) No one in Britain or EU will then represent them. Britain will have totally stolen _All_ representation from Brits Abroad - & yet Britain will still pretend it's a democracy !

Signing On Internet

  • If this is your first use of a Mailman server, if you want you could first have a try with the test list but it's not necessary, most just sign straight up.
  • It could seem inappropriate for someone to sign who is Not either {a British citizen or entitled to vote in UK}. ( Sundry Eire & commonwealth citizens if resident in UK can also vote in UK).)
    If you'r not British, & you really want to sign, please sign as eg:
    "FirstName LastName, Nationality=Whatever" <> - We want to be honest.
  • You do NOT need to be abroad to sign or post this. British in the UK are very welcome to sign too, & they also have their own MPs they can contact (just as by analogy, "Votes For Women" campaign needed men's support too a century ago.
  • Please use your normal human name, eg Julian H. Stacey Not some weird disguised email address. We want to persuade the Queen we're normal people with a valid case, not weirdos disguising ourselves. The server will test your email address to make sure it works. The admin may discard obvious non human names.
  • Please only sign once per human. Please suggest to others to sign too
  • After your name, If you want, you could append name of nearest town or country you live in, or phone no., nationality, whatever you think will give petition recipient Queen's staff more confidence signers are real, when they might do odd spot checks.
  • If you are technically highly adept, & only if you want, you could try to convince SMTP & Mailman server to append a Vcard after the human name in name text field of the address; But leave the human name legible first).
    An example Vcard text.
    Example of how a Vcard is embedded in a QR code, + tech details on Vcards & QR codes.

Petition Software Mechanism

  • Petition votes-sign is in form of a silent mail list, as that mechanism is already working well here, plus it allows us to verify email addresses, before we forward it to the Queen's staff who may want to do spot checks.
  • It also allows us if necessary to ask you to transfer to sign another replacement petition site, or to ask you to approve a possible change of wording, etc.
  • Change/ Removal Of Your Address:
    • Most unusual for normal petitions, this server also allows you to update your address, or rescind your assent if you change your mind; But only while your old original signed email address still works!
    • If you will change your email address, remove yourself from the petition before your old address ceases to work. Then sign up with new address.
    • In case you fumble that, please use exactly the same human name as before, to help spot duplicates, thanks.
  • Not needing traditional petition software, it was extremely quick to put up.
  • One slight drawback is we Berklix don't have a feature displaying names of last people to sign, but that costs effort, usually paid by commercial servers carrying adverts or selling lists. Berklix is not commercial, no adverts, & not selling lists
  • Berklix also doesn't have the UK parliament's (& others) annoying limited software that only allows UK postcodes.
  • We are also Not crippled by a timeout to reach critical mass, unlike eg UK Parliament's official petition web site where all get thrown away after a while (so petitions with fat publicity budgets are more likely to succeed).
  • Once we have reached critical mass to sign an official petition, then we may or not use this petition mail list to ask you to petition via eg a parliament web site (if we want to trust same parliament who already stole our votes.
  • Other than that, there's no plans to use your email addresses, & certainly not to sell list. (Owner of Berklix is a British engineer not trying to hide, who has plenty of friends who would remonstrate with him, were he to step out of line ;-)

Printing, Mailing

  • Please print & post or edit your own, link, create similar content, or forward to friends or groups etc.
  • Could be in form of individual letters, letter writing campaigns, or petitions.
  • You're welcome to contact author to exchange & maintain links etc.


  • Do you know journalists it would interest ? Please send them a copy, or the web ref
  • Though the Queen may be unlikely to see individual letters, hopefully her staff will pass on the gist. More chance the more of us send copies or similar.

If you think eg
"The Queen cannot interfere with what the government decides, much as she might or probably would like to."

  • Not So, Think again:
  • Whether she will help, we won't know until we ask, & publicise to increase requests.
  • The Monarch's non participation in politics is a recent convention that may change, especially in a crisis.
  • Constitution of the United Kingdom - Royal prerogative - Domestic powers - The power to dismiss and appoint a Prime Minister etc - some published by government in 2004.
  • The Government's purchased Irish alliance may unravel.
  • Brexit or other issues may cause schism[s] in parties.
  • The Monarch chooses who to invite to try to create a government coalition. Monarch doesn't have to invite leader of largest minority party. Monarchs have also invited others to see if capable of forming a working government even without a majority.
  • The Queen could certainly have a strong word with weak PM May, who instigated dissolution of parliament & called a snap election, lost her majority, & depends on 10 N. Irish DUP votes at "extra £(GBP) 1bn over the next two years".
  • A monarch can stop, or delay granting Royal Assent to bills passed by parliament. There's particular cause for an undemocratic rump Parliament not representing 3.5 million British.
  • A Monarch could create more Lords, the latter has been done several times before in times of constitutional crisis.

A Monarch may more likely involve herself as UK Digs Itself Deeper In To Crisis

  • London, The mega economy of the UK doesn't want Brexit: Job pull outs already, more to come.
    BBC 2017-08-09: Ex Chancellor Darling 'Alarm bells ringing' for UK economy - `he was concerned it was now starting to slow down again and that Brexit was causing "massive uncertainty"'
  • Scotland doesn't want Brexit
  • Southern England property market under pressure from Brexit as bankers & others flee London to Europe.
  • With the pound crashing to new lows since 1.3 €(EUR) / £(GBP) on 2016-06-23 more British in UK are realising Brexit was a mistake (holidays & imports up, (& UK won't be exporting cheap to EU if no trade deal)).
  • British in EU don't want Brexit (& had their votes stolen by British parliament).
  • British in UK don't realise the deep anger & disgust among British in Europe, over Britain's stealing our votes, + disregard for rights of Britons in EU, & + May's hard Brexit negotiation rolling disaster for British abroad: Problems of job/ residence permits etc that may expire as Britain exits EU, pension rights, health treatment etc.
  • Exports are built on trust: British exports will be harder while British Abroad tell colleagues abroad:
    "Would You trust a Bunch Of Thieves who stole our votes ? "
  • May's hard Brexit negotiations are on course to fail, as monitored by British abroad, failure may force millions of EU British back to Britain, jobless, a financial burden on britain, & millions of Europeans out of UK, impacting UK skills, services & tax revenue base.
  • There's little chance to negotiate an exit settlement & sufficient new trade deals in the remaining part of 2 years, to replace previous structures that took 44 years to build. (UK Joined EU 1 January 1973 EU would need to approve any new deal UK & EU negotiators might agree, by at least 20 of the 27 countries with 65% of the population

Could the UK split ? Yes.

Reject May's Perversion: "We must abide by a democratic decision."

  • Real democracy ceased when Parliament stole 3.5 million votes.
  • PM falsely wrote "democratic decision" in her UK article 50 letter to EU. We 3.5 million abroad could not vote.
  • 3.5 million British abroad, at 68,000 electors per MP should have 51 MPs representing British abroad. We have No MPs representing British Abroad.
  • Britain is no longer democratic, just partly democractic, & less democractic than any other country in EU except Eire (Only UK & Eire steal votes from citizens abroad, no other EU country does.)

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