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How To Make A Face Visor against Corona Virus

This Is:

To: Masks & Corona Apps etc

By Julian H. Stacey

  • How To Make a Visor:
  • Take an A4 translucent cover sheet off front of a report.
  • Punch a line of square hole perforations all down one long side, using a Spiral Binder Punch. If you don't have access to such a punch, you could use a 2 ring punch. practice first on a bit of paper, to avoid messing up the spacing.
  • Take a wine cooler or largest round beer mat you can find, use as a template to mark off the 2 un-perforated corners.
  • & cut off the 2 corners that have no perforation holes (cut just inside the curved line so your visor has no marks).
  • Thread a long shoe/ boot lace or string through, needs to be about 80 cm or longer.
  • Tie shoe lace to size of head. Make it an easy knot to undo so you lay the plastic flat for transport
  • This simple doesn't work with glasses, & might steam up at times, but it's truly trivial, free, quick & fun to make, & folds flat with papers.
  • Maybe a whole school class might like to make some & take some home. They will first need time to scrounge (or buy) the plastic. Look in piles of old reports, property sales booklets & the like.
  • One can buy better, & some 3D printer projects make better, but a nuisance to store those with fixed frames.
  • Feel Free to forward to this link to anyone (& also any other Berklix links, if not locked or explicitly marked as should be locked).
Click Individual Pictures For Larger
hole punch visor, punched, threaded with shoe lace, corners cut, ruler adjacent
visor on human visor on human, side view

This is the lazy, zero cost option for beginners: no shopping effort, & it stores flat, takes no space in a case, or merged amid a few papers. Proper ones have frames, allowing for reading glasses & cooling, but cost time & money to find (if not sold out in a pandemic) & money to buy, or time to find a frame built by 3D printer projects.
Free Offer:
If you do not have the required hole punch, but you plan to attend any event I may be at, eg a Beer Gardeners', If you know I will be attending, contact me in advance & arrange to bring a couple of sheets of raw A4 plastic, & I'll swap it for one that I've punched & cut. We'll give another to a friend.
Make sure the sheets are truly translucent, not slightly fuzzy / opaque. Make sure the sheets are not floppy ! Some of the common double sheet, with either open on 2 sides, or 4 holes down one side - they are too floppy.

How to repair the Spiral- Binde- Gerät CM 700

Manufacturer/ Hersteller: monolith GmbH, Schwarze Horn 1, 45127 Essen

Pictures referring to how to repair the spiral binder:
2 springs broke loose, pointed by yellow marker, pre repair 2 springs broke loose, close up, pointed by yellow marker, pre repair
The Binder stayed in its cardboard box after purchase for 5 or more years before coming out of box for use in Corona Lock- Down 2020-07. The handle is spring loaded to go up. The cardboard box forced the handle in to down position, to take less space for shipping. The bottom anchors of the 2 springs were mere plastic. The plastic sheared off. The springs fell loose. I poked a needle nose soldering iron in the back plastic vertical wall creating 2 holes per spring base. A loop of stiff wire, pre formed, was then inserted through the holes from inside to outside, each spring was attached, curved end up to holes in the mechanism, & flat end down, to wire loop, then the loops were pulled out tight through the wall with heavy pliers, twisted together tight outside (& yet to be glued).

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